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WOOP WOOP raise it !

Hey y'all,
I know it's mighty early to be writing a blog and I'm sure everyone is still sleeping now but I figured I might as well squeeze one in before I head off to work. So last week Susan told us to go out and experience something new and write about it and I did do something new....I went to my very first hockey game at the Bell center. Some people may think that's not to exciting but it was for me , I have never been there. When we got to the stadium and finally found our seats ( I went with Vanessa ) I just looked around and was truly amazed to see how many people there were , my mouth literally dropped. The game was pretty exciting even though we lost and the free refreshments ( it's true what they say , food tastes better when it's free) were wonderful especially the ice cream. I really had a great time the atmosphere might have added to it as well and I would really like to attend another match.
All in all I really enjoy myself but had a great time and my date was great as well lol .

Anywhoo I'm heading off to work and I'll talk to you all later , see ya.

sam xox
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