marie_louise_06 (marie_louise_06) wrote,

Whoa those are some shiny grillz !

Well this is my first journal entry and I apologize in advance to those who get bored with my blogs so if you want you can just skip over mine.

So I guess I have to talk about something that really interests me so I will.
It may sound nerdy to the other students but to be completely honest I can’t wait to start working on my Trade Fair project I haven’t been this excited in a while so I’m really looking forward in commencing my add campaign.
It took me a while to think of a few ideas for this project but I have finally found one that has really sparked an interest ( I bet your all wondering what it is right ;) ) . I don’t want to tell to many people what my partner and I are planning right now because we really want to wow everyone and WIN of course.

Anyways so that what’s new with me right now and I hope I didn’t make any of you fall asleep and to make it up to you if you have check out one of my favorite sites, I think its quite hilarious.

Sam xox
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