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Hey guys !
I hope everyone is doing well during this fine evening, I know I am !
I don't have much to talk about so I'll just talk about my quest for the perfect ringtone ( feel free to skip over my blog ). Well I'm trying to find a new ringtone and it is taking me quite a while because there are a few things you should consider when purchasing a ringtone such as ; do you like the song , will people be annoyed when they hear your ringtone , will you be annoyed after hearing your ringtone a few times...and the list goes on. Right now my ringtone is Be Easy by Massari and I am getting pretty sick of it so that's why I need to change it. I have found a few candidates but I'm no exactly sold on any particular one, I have a feeling that I will be looking for quite a while.

Anyways I must return to my quest for THE PERFECT RINGTONE ! And for the perfect snack woop woop.
talk to you all later.

Sam xox
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I bid you good luck on your quest young Jeezy. You better find a new ringtone soon! The ones you have now make my want smash your celly with a hammer. I still say go with the Sean Paul. But hey, thats just me.
I don't know if either of you have looked in a mirror in the past 19 years, BUT YOUR BOTH WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!
I know what you mean about getting sick of your ring tone.
I change mine every once in a while because I get bored of it and need a new one. Right now mine is Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand. Woo it was free from Rogers! I love freebies.